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BSI introduces a new standard on menopause and menstruation at work

The British Standards Institution (BSI) has introduced a new standard (BS 30416) aiming to support the health and well-being of all employees who menstruate or experience peri/menopause. The BSI notes that workplaces were first created at a time when women were only a minority of the workforce and were not prioritised by employers. Workplaces and working practices have therefore usually been designed by men, for men and workplaces have, even now, not always been transformed to accommodate or support the specific needs of those who menstruate or experience peri/menopause. It lists actions such as:

  • Making adjustments to uniforms, PPE, working patterns, and artificial lighting.
  • Providing suitable facilities in which employees can access menstrual products
  • Creating a supportive culture
  • Appointing workplace menstruation and menopause advocates
  • Recognising that not all experiences of menopause and menstruation are the same

The new standard provides a useful jumping off point for employers who want to be supportive of these issues in the workplace but are looking for a framework from which to start.