Being proactive is the key to avoiding claims

Recognising that you have a duty to protect your employees from discrimination isn’t the same thing as knowing what to do about it. Being proactive in your approach to discrimination means not allowing bad practice to go unchecked, not ignoring complaints in the early stages and actively working with your employees to create a tolerant working environment.

Avoiding discrimination claims also means getting it right from the start by making sure you don’t inadvertently get your recruitment adverts wrong, through to managing recruitment, writing employment contracts, providing opportunities for training, promotion or transfer and even handling redundancy, misconduct, and employment termination if needed. Prevention is the key to discrimination issues and DCL helps its clients make sure they are doing everything they should as an Employer to make all their employees are treated fairly and equally.

In the unfortunate event that a complaint for discrimination is received, DCL will guide you through the process to try to avoid tribunal. And if you do find yourself in court, we’ll be with you every step of the way. (See ETDS)