Health & Safety

DCL can take the stress out of your Health & Safety arrangements

Health & Safety regulations and industry ‘best practice’ are developing all the time and sometimes it’s difficult to know where to start; how to make sure your business is compliant and your workforce safe. DCL offers a fully supported range of Health & Safety services in order to reduce risk, improve the safety and wellbeing of employees and to ensure that your organisation is legally compliant.

Onsite assessment

Our consultants will visit you onsite to identify and understand the type of risks you are likely to encounter. An initial audit will look at how you are measuring up against the regulations and requirements applicable to your business or medical practice and let you know the actions you need to take to ensure you meet statutory requirements.

These actions will be graded so your know where to focus your attention and a timetable of completion dates will be given so you know how quickly you need to take action. DCL’s commitment to minimising risk and maximising compliance doesn’t end with the audit. Once we’ve identified risk, we’ll help you fix things.

Increased Peace of Mind

If you want insurance against the risks of prosecution from the HSE we can arrange that too. See our comprehensive package of services on the left.