Remaining compliant with COSHH

COSHH requires employers to implement a suitable management system in order to control the risk to employees and non-employees who may be exposed to the hazardous substances used during a company’s work activities. However, with COSHH regulations classing anything from chemicals, to nanotechnology, to dust as a ‘hazardous’ substance it can be hard to work out what’s dangerous.

The process of setting up a management system for COSSH is complicated and can be time-consuming if you don’t have a designated person to keep track of things. Which is where DCL can help. Using DCL’s experience and advice make it easy to fulfil legal obligations, including specific assessments for COSHH, COSHH inventory and usage guidelines. Our Health & Safety consultants will examine your business to assess what changes you need to make to make sure you are COSHH complaint and then help you to stay on top of things, day-to-day.