Employment law protection – do you need extra cover against tribunals?

Changes in legislation bring opportunity and risk. They can help or expose you.

The removal of employment tribunal fees following the Supreme Court’s ruling in July 2017 has resulted in a dramatic increase in Employment Tribunal claims against employers. Some employers want additional protection against claims to cover not only their legal costs in defending a claim, but also to cover the expense of settlements and the costs of awards. The DCL Employment Law Protection Scheme is an easy, highly cost effective way to remove this burden from your business. The cover we can offer is unique in the way it covers the costs and settlement for ACAS Compulsory Conciliation, and it can also be extended to cover Pursuit costs when enforcing employees’ restrictive covenants. Cover can include:

  • Insurance cover for legal costs, settlements and Employment Tribunal awards in the event of an employment dispute.
  • The option of adding Health & Safety to cover your legal costs in the event of you being prosecuted by the HSE.
  • Policy extensions to cover pursuit costs where an employee is in breach of the terms of their employment contract.
  • Legal advice and due diligence to ensure you are up to date with the latest legislation and achieve compliance within the law.
  • Ongoing advice to address issues specific to your business and ensure you are fully insured when you follow the advice given.
  • Protection to radically minimise your exposure to unexpected financial loss, capping all your employment legislation and HR costs.

If you are interested in additional protection, call us today on 01400 282021 to find out more about our Employment Law Protection Scheme.