Accident Reporting

Any accident that happens at work should be reported

The challenge with accident reporting is working out how and who to report to. Frequently changing legislation with a focus on the employers responsibilities make it difficult to find clear answers to the most common Accident Reporting questions. For example: do I have to provide an accident reporting policy? Is a report in the accident reporting book sufficient for this incident? How do I enforce the Accident Reporting Procedure? What is a near miss?

It’s an unfortunate fact of life that even with the best control measures in place, accidents can still occur and the HSE recommends that all accidents are investigated as a means of preventing any reoccurrence. DCL provides advice on all aspects of Accident Reporting and the advice will be tailored to your type of business and will meet all legal requirements of the HSE. We’ll help you prepare all the necessary policies and documents that you need to remain compliant with the latest legislation, advise on the responsibilities of individual staff members and then support you in ensuring your staff adhere to the policies.