Additional Services

Keeping you informed

Commercial advice is crucial to any medical practice, business or organisation, but having to pay for expensive legal advice by the hour is never good business sense. Which is why DCL include Commercial advice as part of their comprehensive package of services covering general Commercial Law advice, Corporation, Directors, shareholders, Shareholders Agreements, Limited Liability Partnerships, Federating and complete business audits.

This service is designed to offer medical practices and businesses the opportunity to discuss and filter commercial issues before and/or after instructing solicitors. It offers businesses a chance to have a detailed conversation about the possible legal implications of making certain decisions before incurring costs. For example, should I incorporate? What should I be asking a solicitor and how much is it going to cost? How do I complete this contract?

If you have an issue you want further help with, for example the merger of a medical practice, sale or purchase of a business or the drafting of any commercial contract our Commercial department can offer Consultancy services specific to your needs.

Business Audit

DCL can carry out a complete audit of all your existing commercial law documentation such as Partnership Agreements, Locum Agreements, Shareholders Agreements and Commercial contracts with service providers and customers. We’ll advise you if any action needs to be taken and whether our Consultancy service could help.

Partnership Agreements

Our commercial department have many years’ experience in preparation of Partnership Law Documentation and this can be provided through our Consultancy Services.

Commercial Contracts

DCL can assist you in deciphering the intricacies of Commercial Contracts or provide new commercial contracts as required.


DCL can provide advice relating to federating, GMS an PMS documentation, procurement and EU regulations.