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Paternity Leave

Regarding paternity leave, employees with an expected week of childbirth (EWC) or adoption placement starting from 6 April 2024 can opt for one or two weeks of continuous leave, or two non-consecutive weeks. They must take leave within a year of childbirth or adoption, with exact dates confirmed at least 28 days beforehand. Pregnant employees will have priority for alternative roles in case of redundancy from 6 April 2024 until 18 months post-birth or adoption placement.

Shared parental leave lasting less than six weeks ensures redundancy protection during that period; however, leave exceeding six weeks grants protection for 18 months post-birth. Carer’s leave, offering five unpaid working days annually from the start of employment, can be taken in single or half days with a notice requirement of three days. Employers can delay carer’s leave if necessary to minimise business disruption, provided approval is given within one month.