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Always check your email recipients before hitting ‘send’

A man has revealed that he learnt he had been unsuccessful in a job application after the company’s HR department accidentally copied him into an email chain. After applying to work at a coffee company he received an email from the hiring manager which was not intended for him. He had been accidentally CC’d. According to a screenshot shared on the social media platform TikTok, the email read: “Well that’s interesting okay so let’s reject him…”

This error has had unintended reputational consequences for the coffee company – who have been called-out for their behaviour on social media. It also goes without saying that informing a candidate that they have not been successful by CC’ing them into internal correspondence discussing the rejection is not, in any way, best practice. A reminder, if one was ever needed, to check all recipients before pressing ‘send’ on communications, especially sensitive ones such as this!